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IGN-1A inductive Smart Coils


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IGN-1A inductive Smart Coils are the perfect ignition coil for your high-performance application, with up to 180mJ of energy and a long spark duration time of 3.1ms. These coils provide great idle characteristics, as well as the power you need to run your engine. Max dwell with a 12V system can be up to 6.0ms for short periods of time to extract the maximum output from the coil when under high boost or load. Under normal driving conditions 4.0ms of dwell is recommended. At 6.0ms of dwell time, these coils will consume 17 amps each coil, while sending 180mJ of Energy to the spark plug and 50,000V.
At 4.0ms the coils will consume 7.5 amps each while sending 108mJ of energy to the spark plug and 40,000 V—so make sure you account for the current when wiring the coils up on your vehicle.

With a 12 Volt Supply System
Normal Use Setup
Output Voltage (KV) 40 4.0ms
Output Energy (mJ) 108 4.0ms
Primary Current (Amps) 7.5 4.0ms
Short Runs Setup
Output Voltage (KV) 50 6.0ms
Output Energy (mJ) 180 6.0ms
Primary Current (Amps) 17 6.0ms


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